happiness machine #2

tidiane montout a dancer based in shanghai wrote an universal note to the world. that note create echos and the echo travel all the way to morocco. an answer is generated and every new answer is based on the previous answer. a conversation is created. the discussion involve more people to finish with 3 story tellers, 4 musicians and a dancer all coming from different parts of the globe, with different cultural backgrounds but able to speak to each other and touch the string of happiness.

the setup for this project was to create a platform that bring people together who do not know each other. The people were chosen along the way as I was meeting them for the first time myself. It was all about a bound that is created by a few primary emotions.

have use this machine:

tidiane montout - france
young-ho nam - korea
abou bakr mennaoui - morocco
michel raji - morocco / france
Khalil Mounji - morocco
Hamza Lahmadi - morocco
Frederic Schmachtel - germany
nawal golden skalli -morocco
rachid mendjeli - algeria
rachid eladouani - morocco
fatima zohra lahouitar - morocco

video by khalil mounji

happiness machine #2
video installation / performance - Casablanca, Morocco.
3 video projections, video screen, sand circle, light