opportunity”   installation (2018)

shanghai is a city of opportunities.
so many possibilities...
with this installation i explore the idea of success and the state of mind that comes with it.
this city is china’s biggest hub for entrepreneur, startup, dreamers and most people are here because they dream of becoming rich.
they dream of a live style that money seems to allow you to have. a lifestyle where everything is possible.

reality check: the percentage of those who succeed is low. not a surprise but most of the candidates thing they will make it one day. most try a lifetime without.
so until when is the kept dream alive?

this installation is edible and the ratio of tasty food is based on the ratio of Shanghai successful dreamers. you can succeed and win the jackpot but that sweet fruit might turn into a rotten pile of “deception”.

sugar, chocolate, edible gold, china bank transport case, light bulb