An Intermedia Opera by Compagnie 1.618. TiQuan is an opera by Philippe Festou with Geraldine Paoli, Stephane Cousot, Damien Louis, Harauld Sextus, Gyonginn Kim, Danilo de Luca, Cecile Becquerelle, Marion Schürr, Linda Amrani, Valerie Decot.

when I’ve started research about the “taste of emotions” I knew it was the perfect match or platform to apply to.
my inputs for “tiquan” was in a perfect timing with my early try of the edible/palpable emotions project.
working with a group of amazing artist from different was the perfect way to experiment and contribute to this inter-media opera.
the answers of all the members of the company about their ideas of what emotions taste or smells was just mind blowing.
it brought me to create very interesting recipe and views on those emotions.

my idea was to integrate those research into the show by having a post performance session with the public.
We continued the user experience after the show by having them eat, drink, smell each part of the opera, collect their reactions and have a discussion that created another bridge between the performancers and the audiance.